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The FDM 6060 intelligent 3D printer features efficient printing speed and high printing accuracy. The printing speed can be adjusted between 20-100mm/s (recommended speed is 30-60mm/s), and the platform hot bed temperature can be supported from 0-60°C. The hot nozzle temperature can be supported up to 245°C, with an orifice diameter of 0.4-1.0MM, and printing accuracy reaching 0.05-0.4mm. It supports various printing materials such as ABS, PLA, and is mainly used for printing joint fixation type guards series and other medical equipment.

The operating system supports Windows XP, Win7, and Win8 systems, making it more convenient for users to operate and achieve quick customization.

Learn More :
  • Medical scoliosis brace printing for scoliosis.

  • Other types of medical braces for correcting deformities.

  • Showcase of scoliosis brace wearing and wearing before and after comparison:

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     Part No.

     Intelligent 3D Printer

     FDM 6060

DM6060 Intelligent 3D Printer User's Manual.pdf