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Lively-Roar-SIMPLE Blue: Highlights of the 2024 Simple Group Annual Party

Lively-Roar-SIMPLE Blue: Highlights of the 2024 Simple Group Annual Party

——Breaking Waves, Gathering Determination


Get ready for a wave of captivating photos!




The 2024 Simple Group Annual Party, themed "Breaking Waves, Gathering Determination," commenced with resounding applause. If we were to summarize this remarkable event in three words, it would undoubtedly be "Lively-Roar-SIMPLE Blue"!





"Lively" embodies the passion and energy of our Simple team, while "Roar" symbolizes our unity and cohesion. Together, the essence of "SIMPLE Blue" unites a group of passionate individuals sharing common aspirations.


During the party, our President Mr. Simon Wu presented a report on the outstanding achievements of 2023, highlighting substantial sales revenue (98.5% achievement rate). These remarkable results were made possible by the dedication and hard work of every Simple employee. As we enter 2024, we remain committed to upholding the values at the core of every Simple individual: Respect, Responsibility, and Return. Together, we strive for even greater accomplishments!




To honor the dedication of our employees in 2023, the company has introduced the "Five-Year Service Award," "Ten-Year Service Award," and "Outstanding Employee Award." This is an opportunity to listen to their voices and recognize their remarkable contributions.





When it comes to the highlight of this year's Annual Party, the comic skit "Embarking on the 3D Customization Era" stole the show. Directed and performed by the talented Simple Medical team, it vividly showcased the flexibility and convenience of our 3D custom orthopedic braces. If you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out to our team!





And what was the most electrifying performance of the party? Undoubtedly, it was the heartfelt group singing of "Friends"! The growth of the Simple Group is deeply intertwined with the friendships and collaborations we have fostered. Over the years, our customers, colleagues, and partners have become cherished friends!




Now, what do we anticipate the most at the Annual Party? The lucky draw, of course! This time, we have prepared 67 fantastic prizes, ranging from Bluetooth headphones and cozy down duvets to modern refrigerators, air conditioners, and smartphones!






As the melodious song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" fades away, the party draws to a close. All Simple individuals gather together, leaving behind an everlasting group photo that captures the spirit of our unity.



Let us look forward to the growth and success of SIMPLE in 2024!